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ROOR® Bongs and More

100% Guaranteed Authentic | Free Same-Day Ship | 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Made from the highest quality German Duran Schott glass, ROOR® bongs have been a staple in the industry since 1995.

Adding innovations to the industry from the beginning, ROOR® bongs have always had several unique features that make them some of the best bongs out there.

Each ROOR® bong has thick glass, smooth joints, an ice-pinch  and each one is finished with a glass signature done by the artist


They were the first to bring the ice pinch to the modern day glass bong. Whether this is your first ROOR® bong, or one of many ROOR® bongs in your arsenal - We are sure that you will be pleased with each handcrafted ROOR® bong you purchase.


After having one in your hands, you'll understand all the hype around their bongs. From the thickness of their glass, to their smooth (nearly flawless) joints. One pull on one of their bongs and you'll wonder why you waited this long to buy a ROOR®!

ROOR Bongs