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G Pen Elite unboxed with Vaporizer and all of the accessories

Unboxing and First Time Use of the G Pen Elite: A Comprehensive Guide

Welcome to the world of premium vaping with the G Pen Elite I! This guide will walk you through the process of unboxing, using, and maintaining your new device.

Unboxing the G Pen Elite I

The G Pen Elite I is a compact, ergonomic dry herb vaporizer that offers high-quality vaping experience. In the box, you will find:

  • 1 x G Pen Elite Vaporizer
  • 1 x G Card (used to grate your dry herbs)
  • 1 x G Pen Tool (used to stir the chamber and remove used herbs)
  • 1 x USB Charging Cable
  • 1 x G Cleaning Brush

The vaporizer itself is about 4.5″ tall x 1″ wide, making it a perfect pocket-size vape​​.


First Time Use

Before using the G Pen Elite I for the first time, register the SN number at the bottom of the device or packaging at GPen.com/Register. Once registered, you should fully charge the device using the USB to Micro-USB Charging Cable provided with the kit.

Preparing the Chamber: Cleaning and Loading

Before packing the vaporizer with your dry herb or flowers, it's important to clean the chamber. You can do this using a cotton swab soaked in isopropyl alcohol. This will ensure that any factory residues are removed and you get the cleanest, fullest hits from your device.

When the device is clean and dry, it's time to load the chamber. To do this, remove the mouthpiece by pushing it forward from the backside, then pinching both ends and pulling it away from the body of the vape. Load your well-ground dry herb or flowers into the chamber, but be careful not to overpack it. Once loaded, reattach the mouthpiece.

To power on the device, tap the button on the face of the device five times quickly. Once the device powers on, use the up/down buttons to specify your desired temperature, then press and hold the power button for about one second. The temperature will climb quickly to your chosen temp, reaching max temp in about 30 seconds. Once it reaches the full temp, you can start vaping​.


Proper Care and Maintenance

The G Pen Elite I is relatively easy to maintain, but it's essential to keep it clean for the best vaping experience. Always clean immediately after every use. The cleaning brush should be used to brush off residual material around the connection of the mouthpiece and over the filter screen. Pre-heating the device before cleaning will make it easier to brush off any ground material residue​​.

The ceramic bowl is the only part of the device that requires thorough cleaning. You can wipe it down with a cotton swab soaked in isopropyl alcohol or initiate a burn-off to get rid of more stubborn residue​.

If the mouthpiece has significant build-up, separate all three pieces and soak them in rubbing alcohol. Running the entire mouthpiece under hot water can also be effective. Accumulated vaped herb can cause blockages in the tiny airway, so be sure to brush off the screen regularly to keep it clean​.


First Impressions and Final Thoughts

While the G Pen Elite I may appear small, don't let its size fool you. The heating chamber is quite accommodating, and it can hold almost a full gram of ground-up herb. The device allows for adjustable temperature control, ranging from 200° to 428° F, letting you find the perfect heat that produces the cleanest, fullest hits with minimal singeing of your buds​.

Though the rubber mouthpiece might feel a bit awkward initially, and it can get hot after continuous use, the metal screen on the backside of the mouthpiece is a nice feature that prevents dry herb debris from getting into your mouth​.

In conclusion, the G Pen Elite I is a reliable and efficient vaporizer that offers a good balance between compact design and robust performance. Its ability to hold a substantial amount of herb for its size and the precise temperature control make it a valuable device for those looking for a convenient way to enjoy their herbs. With its snug and secure feel, user-friendly controls, and efficient performance, the G Pen Elite I is a good buy, particularly with its one-year warranty. For those who appreciate the combination of portability, power, and precision, the G Pen Elite I is a worthy option to consider​.



  • The G Pen Elite I is a compact, ergonomic dry herb vaporizer.
  • Unboxing includes the G Pen Elite Vaporizer, G Card, G Pen Tool, USB Charging Cable, and G Cleaning Brush.
  • Before first use, register the SN number and fully charge the device.
  • Clean the chamber with isopropyl alcohol before packing it with dry herb or flowers.
  • Power on the device by tapping the button five times quickly and set the desired temperature.
  • Proper care involves immediate cleaning after use and brushing off residual material.
  • Clean the ceramic bowl with isopropyl alcohol or initiate a burn-off for stubborn residue.
  • Soak the mouthpiece in rubbing alcohol or run it under hot water for significant build-up.
  • Regularly brush off the screen to prevent blockages.
  • The G Pen Elite I has a spacious heating chamber and adjustable temperature control.
  • The rubber mouthpiece can get hot but features a metal screen to prevent debris.
  • The device offers a reliable and efficient vaping experience with a one-year warranty.
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