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RooR® 14" 50x5mm Classic Straight Water Pipe with Cheetah Logo


Compatible with Dry Herb

Enjoy ultra-smooth hits with this classic straight tube RooR®. It’s a no-BS bong that lets you enjoy your favorite dry herbs whenever you want a smooth water-filtered hit, without the bulk of the bigger bongs.


Made from German Duran-Schott Borosilicate Glass

This sleek, straight RooR® tube bong is manufactured from top-quality laboratory-grade 50mm x 5mm German Schott Duran glass tubing. It’s a classic tabletop piece for rookie smokers and bong collectors alike. Some people think straight waterpipes are more prone to tipping than beakers—but that’s just a myth. All straight tube bongs from RooR®, have secure pedestal bases. Straight tubes may have less volume than beaker bongs and we all know, less volume=smaller hits.... but their design is actually better for the perfect pull.
Plus, our cheetah print RooR® straight tube is scientifically proportioned, so each sesh has an easy pull with smoother, bigger rips than you'd think possible. It stands 14 inches tall and boasts glass thickness that will allow you to taste the flavorful hits for years to come.

How can you tell your RooR® is authentic?

  • Comes with an authenticator tag and unique serial # - which you can enter here
    • Once there, you simply input your unique RooR® serial #
    • After inputting the serial #, they give you an image of a tag with dots
    • You then verify that the dots on your tag are same as the image given
    • OR just simply scan the QR code on your tag and verify as stated above
  • Smooth connection points
  • Comes in a white or brown RooR® box
  • The bottom of the R's are facing left (when you look at it straight on)

    We guarantee our RooR's are 100% authentic or your money back

    RooR® 14" 50x5mm Classic Straight Water Pipe with Cheetah Logo

    Key Features

    • Height: 14 in

    • Size: 50 mm x 5 mm

    14 mm Medium Sized Funnel Bowl (Male)

    • Removable Straight Downstem

    Cheetah RooR® Logo

    • Each RooR® Bong has a Unique Glass Signature by the Artist

    • Handblown Duran Schott Borosilicate Glass

    • Classic RooR® Box

    • Tamperproof Authentication Seal

    • Free Same-Day Ship Guaranteed

    • 420-Day Money-Back Guarantee

    Be 100% confident with the

    RooR® Authentication Seal

    When you purchase a RooR® from 024glass, you can rest assured that it will come with their tamperproof authentication tag.

    Simply scan the QR code, verify that your code and dot pattern match up, and you've officially verified that your RooR® is 100% authentic.

    Buy this RooR® 14" 50x5mm Classic Straight Water Pipe with Cheetah Logo from

    024glass, and we'll ship it out today!

    With a convenient size, scientific proportions, quality construction, and a money-back guarantee, this RooR® Straight waterpipe—with an unforgettable Cheetah print logo—is a must-have!

    We know your time is valuable,

    and waiting on your order is a waste of time.

    That's why we ship your order, the same day it is placed. Allowing you more time for whatever you want.

    You're a Professional, get 420ready like a Professional.

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