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White Rhino Dab Straw


Pyrex Dab Straw

One of the most basic ways to use waxy oils or concentrates. The White Rhino Dab Straw is made of strong and durable Pyrex glass, sure to withstand light heat exposure. A cheap glass straw, that allows you to fully taste your dabs!

White Rhino Pyrex Dab Straw Troubleshooting

Friendly heads up, You do not need to get the tip red hot! Low temp dabs are recommended. In fact, higher temperatures will cause your white rhino dab straw to malfunction. 
In case your white rhino dab straw is clogged, and malfunctioning. All you need to do is simply heat the tip until it is red out and blow out the straw.  This will allow a new hole to be formed!

White Rhino Glass Dab Straw Highlights


  • Easy to clean
    • Simply heat the straw and allow excess reclaim drip on a silicone mat
    • Blow into the mouthpiece if necessary (make sure it's not hot)
  • You can use low heat (no propane torch needed)
    • In fact, we highly suggest using as low of a temp as possible
  • Superior taste
    • Less filtration and lower temp = better tasting dabs!
  • Easy to use
    • Look we're not saying its better than an e-rig or quartz banger
    • It's a daily driver, not your weekend dab rig
  • Silicone cap keeps it clean
    • Take it on the go and keep the tip clean!
    • Beware reclaim can fuse the cap and straw
  • Cheap way to start dabbing
    • Buy today, dab tomorrow
    • All you need is a straw, a butane torch (or lighter), and da dabs!

White Rhino Pyrex Dab Straw | Informative Video

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