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Smell-Proof Hard Shell Case by Cali Crusher

$23.99 $24.19

Smell-Proof Hard Shell Case


A smell proof and crush proof case to bring your favorite glass pipe with you, discretely and safely!  Tired of having that pipe stink up your car? Or perhaps your purse? Cali Crusher has you covered with this hard shell case! They covered you on both sides of the spectrum with both safety and discreteness.

Not only do they utilize carbon filter technology, virtually eliminating all smells from the interior contents of the case but they also provide you with ample protection via dual straps on either side and thick foam-cushioning, lining the inside pockets!



Key Features


  • 7.5 inches long
  • Hard Exterior Shell
  • Soft Foam Interior
  • Smell Eliminating Carbon Filter Technology
  • Can hold items on either side
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