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Helix Chillum | GRAV Labs

$29.99 $30.99
: Blue

GRAV 3" Helix Taster

The Helix™ Chillum is a compact and elegant 3" hand pipe with a Venturi mouthpiece that spins smoke to cool it down. Made on 19mm tubing, the Chillum pipe features a taster head the delivers flavor-rich rips. Although this hand pipe is small, it delivers big clouds, making it a great companion for dry herb lovers who want large hits without sacrificing a portable experience.


The Helix Chillum is crafted from high grade borosilicate glass that is temperature-resistant and sturdy with a clean and clear look. The Chillum delivers great tasting flavor while maintaining smooth hits. It's also easy to clean, ensuring optimal performance. A colored borosilicate roll stop allows you to set the pipe down with no accidents.


A Venturi chamber mouthpiece features three airholes that spin and cool each rip before inhalation. The glass bowl holds enough dry herb for multiple hits. The taster head features a balanced draw resistance that delivers large clouds. The GRAV Helix Chillum is the perfect on-the-go companion for dry herb enthusiasts who want to enjoy smooth, potent rips from anywhere.

No accessories or water are necessary for using this hand pipe. Each chillum will feature an etched decal in silver.
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