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EYCE Spoon

: Aqua Blue

EYCE Silicone Spoon Hand Pipe


Born in the Rocky Mountains and created by professional snowboarders, the EYCE Spoon provides the great taste of glass but in an indestructible silicone package. The removable borosilicate glass bowl is super-easy to clean and combined with the platinum-cured silicone, delivers maximum flavor every time. The EYCE Spoon comes with a poker tool and integrated/hidden stash container keep everything you need in one place. Never worry about dropping your pipe or tossing it into your bag or purse when you're on-the-go!


How It Works


  • Load your ground or shredded material into the glass bowl
  • Cover the carb hole, and apply heat as you draw
  • When nearly finished drawing, uncover the carb hole to clear the pipe



  • The EYCE Spoon can be cleaned with warm soapy water
    • for a deeper clean, check out EYCE's Silicone Cleaner
  • Ensure the EYCE Spoon is dry before use
  • The borosilicate glass bowls in the EYCE Spoon are replaceable
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