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Piece Water Solution | Bong Water Alternative




Congratulations you have discovered the secret, all natural formula that will liberate your piece from the scourges of gunk and resin. The PIECE WATER Solution brilliantly solves the age old problem of the dirty bong and keeps your piece pristine!

The PIECE WATER Solution eliminates the hassle of cleaning your bong, rig, or bubbler giving you more time to enjoy your smoke and your life. Try it today. You will be amazed at the results!


What Is Piece Water?


Piece Water is a 100% natural replacement for the regular tap water used in your water pipes. Its proprietary blend of mineral, vegetable, and fruit extracts coat the walls of your glass to defend against harsh buildup and reduce smells. The viscous nature of Piece Water creates restriction to provide you with a deeper pull and large clouds! Instead of particulate sticking to the glass walls, this solution traps matter within the liquid - meaning less time spent cleaning. Once you do have to clean your piece, a quick rinse with tap water leaves your glass clean and ready to be filled for the next session.

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