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024Head Breaking The Stigma Blog Post

Breaking the Stigma: Embracing Cannabis for Working Professionals

Dispelling the misconceptions and stereotypes surrounding cannabis is crucial to enable working professionals to explore its potential benefits without stigma. In this blog post, I will share a personal anecdote and discuss the importance of dismantling societal biases towards cannabis.


Overcoming Challenges and Seeking Purpose:

After graduating college, I faced the decline of my sister Sarah's health due to her battle with Cystic Fibrosis. Amidst this difficult time, I turned to cannabis as a means of self-medication and emotional support. However, little did I anticipate that this choice would limit my career options due to prevailing drug testing norms.


Tragedy struck when my close friend David, battling substance abuse, passed away while I was navigating my path in business management and caring for our family home. Losing David reinforced my determination to advocate for safer alternatives, such as cannabis, and challenge the negative associations surrounding it.


A year later, my sister Sarah also passed away after a grueling journey following a double lung transplant. Her experience, combined with the loss of my good friend David, solidified my commitment to destigmatize cannabis and explore its potential as a therapeutic tool.


Driven by these experiences, I made a life-altering decision to enter the cannabis industry and launched 024glass.com, a platform dedicated to offering quality products for cannabis enthusiasts. This allowed me to merge my passion for entrepreneurship with my advocacy for responsible cannabis use.


Through my personal journey, I have discovered that working professionals can establish a mature relationship with cannabis, finding equilibrium and functionality while embracing its potential benefits. I strive to be a catalyst for change, challenging the stigma and fostering a society that embraces a more understanding and accepting view of cannabis.


Promoting De-Stigmatization

Informed by my experiences, I founded 024glass.com and became an advocate for destigmatizing cannabis. I firmly believe that working professionals can maintain a responsible relationship with cannabis while making positive contributions to society. By engaging in open conversations, sharing personal stories, and highlighting the therapeutic aspects of cannabis, we can reshape public perception and create a more inclusive environment.


Breaking the Stigma - Steps towards Change

To break the stigma, it is crucial to educate ourselves and others. Engaging in thoughtful dialogues, sharing personal experiences, and emphasizing the therapeutic potential of cannabis can redefine public opinion. Let us encourage evidence-based discussions, nurture empathy, and support policies that promote responsible cannabis use. Together, we can pave the way for an inclusive and understanding society.


In Conclusion

It is time to shed the negative stigma surrounding cannabis and embrace a more nuanced perspective. By sharing personal journeys and advocating for change, we empower working professionals to develop a mature and responsible relationship with cannabis. Let us strive for a future where cannabis is understood, respected, and acknowledged for its capacity to enhance our lives.


Remember, it is never too late to challenge assumptions and reshape the conversation. Join us on this transformative journey to break the stigma and foster a more inclusive cannabis culture.


Warm regards,

Mickey - Founder of 024Glass



  • Dispelling misconceptions and stereotypes surrounding cannabis for working professionals
  • Personal anecdote: Using cannabis as self-medication and emotional support during challenging times
  • The unexpected limitation of career options due to drug testing norms
  • Tragedies and losses that reinforced the need for safer alternatives like cannabis
  • Founding 024glass.com and entering the cannabis industry as a catalyst for change
  • Establishing a mature relationship with cannabis for working professionals
  • Promoting de-stigmatization through open conversations and sharing personal experiences
  • Steps towards breaking the stigma: Education, empathy, and advocating for responsible cannabis use
  • Embracing a more nuanced perspective and creating an inclusive cannabis culture
  • Encouraging a future where cannabis is understood, respected, and recognized for its benefits


I loved reading your story and can relate. My sister passed from health problems while other problems were happening in my life. Cannabis has helped my anxiety about life. I have been pursuing my own path in the industry. Really appreciate your story and courage, as I hope to be more active online and share mine.

Well said I can’t agree more

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